About US / Asil Transport

In March 15, 2002, Mr. Ahmet Kilic, Mustafa Kilic, founded by Mahmut ASIL INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT Abdurrahim Kilic, the foundation started with 14 vehicles. Further progress with each passing day increases the ASIL International Freight currently has 81 vehicles.
The shipping industry for over 30 years, 'ASIL' valuable co-founder of the International Transport Ahmet Kilic, 'Mustafa Kilic and Mahmut Kilic transport sector as a driver engaged in the 1980s. Later in time, Mr. "Ahmet Kilic", who are brothers, 'Mahmoud Kilic', 'Mustafa Kilic' and 'Abdurahim Kilic' with "ASIL International Transport," given to this sector.
Its noble mission and vision adopted by International Freight Shipping companies in Turkey and aims to be at the forefront of technology in this direction as well as the emphasis on human relations. Investment in the future and that they have respect for people and their departure ASİL INTERNATIONAL Transport, and the reason for existence.


Points that serve the transit times are long distance and international.